The Rosie Network's San Diego Veteran & Military Entrepreneur Awards 2019

This past week I had the pleasure of attending the third annual San Diego Veteran and Military Entrepreneur Awards Luncheon as a finalist. The awards were presented by the Rosie Network and focused on celebrating the Veteran and Military Spouse owned business community in San Diego, in addition to the individuals and companies that champion their work. All proceeds from the event were dedicated to Service2CEO, a National Award-Winning Entrepreneurial Training Program for Active-Duty, Veterans and Military Spouses.

The Patriot Belle | Veteran & Military Entrepreneur Awards 2019

I became aware of the Rosie Network last year and after applying to their Service2CEO program, I was accepted for their fall 2019 cohort. The program has led me to a network of other like minded individuals and given me a support system of mentors and subject matter experts. Being that one of the top challenges that modern entrepreneurs face is a lack of support, compounded by the fact that the military community is often isolated, trusted advisors are worth their weight in gold. By going through the program I now feel that I am surrounded by those who share similar dreams and am equipped to overcome any and all challenges that I may face while working to bring The Patriot Belle to life.

The Patriot Belle | Veteran & Military Entrepreneur Awards 2019

In addition to connecting veteran and military spouses with the resources that they need to succeed, The Rosie Network also works tirelessly to empower the military community by sharing their stories. While at the awards, Ty Smith, a former Navy SEAL, and Global Entrepreneur, spoke on behalf of his trials and tribulations. Hearing that he was facing many of the same challenges that I was facing both as a member of the military community and as an entrepreneur gave me a feeling of solidarity for this brave warrior. By promoting stories, like Ty’s The Rosie Network is giving rise to a foundation of support that is empowering military community entrepreneurs like myself to build their American Dream, rather than failing to thrive under the weight of service to our Nation. 

The Patriot Belle | Veteran & Military Entrepreneur Awards 2019

I truly am honored to be a member of such a life changing organization. The Rosie Network and the Service2CEO program has encouraged me to find my purpose and passion, despite juggling my own chronic illness, two small children, and devoting to my husband who is actively serving our country. I no longer fear the path of entrepreneurship for thanks to Rosie, I have a “We can do it!” attitude combined with the tools and guides to navigate even the roughest terrain. 

The Patriot Belle | Veteran & Military Entrepreneur Awards 2019

Are you a veteran or military spouse entrepreneur looking for support to bring your American Dream to life? Contact The Rosie Network to learn more!

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