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Timeless American Beauty

If you are looking for a unique and timeless American beauty brand to add to your makeup bag, Besame Cosmetics is what you have been searching for.Self-proclaimed “Color Detective” Gabriella Hernandez founded Besame in 2004 as a way to bridge the gap between vintage makeup and contemporary fashion.

Besame, Spanish for “Kiss me” focuses on the historical makeup packaging, high quality, and everyday simplicity of 1920s, 30s, 40s, and 50s cosmetics. Hernandez immigrated to the U.S. from Buenos Aires, Argentina and was heavily influenced by her Grandmother’s daily beauty routine. Hernandez possesses a fine arts degree from Art Center Pasadena, CA and is also an established photographer, published author, art director, and now mastermind behind Besame Cosmetics. Hernandez focuses on her company as a way to marry her love of color, vintage motifs, and carry on her Grandmother’s legacy and sophisticated makeup routine.

Besame’s storefront is located in Burbank, CA where Hernandez works with her husband and young daughter; both of whom aid in production, advertisements and developing new make-up swatches for future products. In an interview, Gabriella notes that her daughter has a “really good eye for color [and] gives me the young perspective on what I’m doing.” When searching for a new color for her line, Gabriella will visit antique shops in search of authentic antique lipsticks for inspiration in both shades and package design. The packaging and colors of these vintage lipsticks give Gabriella insight into what shades were popular within certain time periods and builds a bridge between the glamor of past and present. After finding a few shades that she likes, Hernandez takes her vintage treasures back to the lab and swatches them in order to recreate an inspired color of her own. The process of creating these new lipsticks is painstakingly precise and initially tested in small batches. Once approved by her daughter they move into larger production before being sold in store and online.

Besame even offers a number of Disney based collections including Snow White, Mermaid Lagoon, and Mickey Mouse as well as a wide variety of decade inspired red and pink toned lipsticks, cream and cake mascara, foundation, neo-vintage makeup brushes, as well as packed and loose powders. The Mickey Mouse collection has The Belle excited to try the Ink and Paint Lipstick, a berry shade that adjusts to your personal pH and gives you your own unique shade. I have been a long time fan of Besame and favor the 1938 Apricot Cream Rogue, in addition to the cake mascara, and neo-vintage face brushes.

Have you tried this neo-vintage beauty brand? Let me know your favorite products!

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