Explosive Ordnance Disposal: Community of Courage

We are a family- a family composed of 1% of our Nation’s forces. We are warriors- from the ones who went before us, to the babies that we hold in our arms. We walk with sure footing and live by the motto of initial success or total failure. We are the community of Explosive Ordnance Disposal and we will never relent.

Aloha EOD: Outfitting Service & Style With STRNGBK

When I founded The Patriot Belle I made it my mission to honor and support the community of American EOD Patriots- both currently dedicated to serving our country, in addition to those that have paved the road ahead of us. This mission is accomplished by partnering with brands on the forefront of empowering our Patriots […]

6 Historic American Treasures To Visit in San Diego

As a California native, I was excited to find out that my husband was assigned to San Diego and looked forward to sharing its rich history and wealth of historically significant landmarks with our children. In the few years that we have been stationed in San Diego, we have experienced many of the city’s highlights, […]

Coronado: San Diego’s Crown Jewel

I recently had the pleasure of taking an entire day to explore San Diego’s crown jewel, the Island of Coronado. Being that we are stationed in San Diego, I have crossed the Coronado bridge many times. Our family’s favorite military beach is located on the island and it is home to a handful of military […]

Entrepreneurship In The Military Community

This past week I had the pleasure of attending the third annual San Diego Veteran and Military Entrepreneur Awards Luncheon as a finalist. The awards were presented by the Rosie Network and focused on celebrating entrepreneurship within the Veteran and Military Spouse owned business community of San Diego. All proceeds from the event were dedicated […]

9/11: 18 Years Later

I will never forget that day, 9/11- September 11, 2001. I was a middle school girl when I watched the towers fall. I now find myself a millennial mother of two toddlers who are innocent to the darkness of terror, yet find themselves having inherited the weight of the residual aftershocks of that day.  9/11, […]

Protector First, Warrior Always: Navy Special Operations Foundation

It is my great honor to partner with the Navy Special Operations Foundation in 2019 as part of our shared mission of service to serve the American Patriot community. The non-profit foundation was formed by both active duty, and veteran service members, and their resilient spouses in memory of United States Navy Senior Chief Explosive […]

EOD Warrior Foundation: Tech Support

It is with great honor that I proudly announce that The Patriot Belle supports the EOD Warrior Foundation (EODWF) which serves the EOD community by providing financial assistance and support to our brave EOD Warriors and their families. What is EOD you ask? EOD stands for Explosive Ordnance Disposal and focuses on the disarming and […]