Protector First, Warrior Always: Navy Special Operations Foundation

It is my great honor to partner with the Navy Special Operations Foundation in 2019 as part of our shared mission of service to serve the American Patriot community. The non-profit foundation was formed by both active duty, and veteran service members, and their resilient spouses in memory of United States Navy Senior Chief Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician Scott Dayton, in addition to those that have paid the ultimate price to perform Naval Special Operations in order to preserve Liberty for this fierce and proud Nation. The foundation’s guiding principles of integrity, professionalism, and innovation are rooted in the experiences during nearly two decades of combat service & support around the globe. As a result, they understand first-hand what our Special Operations families and operators need on the Homefront so that we can stay in the fight and persevere through even the most difficult circumstances and challenges.

Navy Special Operations Foundation at The Great Wolf Lodge | The Patriot Belle

My family was personally introduced to the foundation through their mission of service outreach in 2018 when they sent my family to stay at Great Wolf Lodge for a Veteran’s Day appreciation mini-vacation. To some a night stay may seem like a small thing but considering we did not have the luxury of time off for a full on vacation, for us it was a treasured moment to connect outside of our daily stress. This weekend also came during the all too vulnerable time of reintegration following my husband’s first deployment- in which I had given birth to our second child, without his support in addition to caring for our one year old and managing serious health conditions. As a result of this outreach I felt I could finally stop and reconnect with my husband and as a result of this invaluable gift of connection, I felt the calling to give back to the community of families like mine in partnering with the NSOF to give a portion of my proceeds from my work to helping our fellow families and operators stay healthy and battle ready.

In order to learn more about the Navy Special Operations Foundation, as well as how you can further your support, please visit their website, HERE.

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