Aloha EOD: Outfitting Service & Style With STRNGBK

When I founded The Patriot Belle I made it my mission to honor and support the community of American EOD Patriots- both currently dedicated to serving our country, in addition to those that have paved the road ahead of us. This mission is accomplished by partnering with brands on the forefront of empowering our Patriots and fulfilling the American Dream. STRNGBK is a testament to both.

Operated by a trained Visual Artist and Graphic Designer, who is serving our Nation in Active Duty, STRNGBK produces original designs and artwork- currently specializing in custom Hawaiians. Having watched my Active Duty husband wear a Hawaiian to work each Friday for years, alongside his entire platoon as a symbol of both pride and patriotism- I was ecstatic to partner with STRNGBK.

Together, we are currently releasing an Explosive Ordnance Disposal “Aloha EOD” Hawiian. Produced in limited runs, each piece is unique and are designed in America by STRNGBK. Currently available for $55, in men’s sizes S-XXL. The shirts will begin shipping February 15th, 2020. As a way to serve the community of Explosive Ordnance Disposal, $5 of each shirt will be donated to EOD community non-profit support.

Aloha EOD STRNGBK | The Patriot Belle
STRNGBK “Aloha EOD” Front | The Patriot Belle
Aloha EOD STRNGBK | The Patriot Belle
STRNGBK “Aloha EOD” Back | The Patriot Belle

Due to the piece’s limited nature, versus high demand, we will be releasing a link for pre-order tomorrow February 2, 2020 at 8AM Pacific Standard Time. Stay tuned in order to reserve yours and support the small, yet mighty community of Explosive Ordnance Disposal!


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