Military Wife Resiliency

Life as a Warrior’s Bride

Almost five years ago I was standing on the edge of a world unknown to me about to marry my college sweetheart. Not only was I committing myself to the love of my life, but also to sacrificing for the flag that he so handsomely served as a military wife. My husband and I were married the day after his basic training graduation and it has been a wild ride since. In our years of marriage we have been apart for roughly half of the time. We have also welcomed two children, one of which-our daughter, was born while her daddy was deployed. I thought I understood what it meant to marry a warrior when I said my vows, however in just these few years it has become blatantly clear to me that, between the distance and unique military life stress, a spouse can never really know what she is getting herself into.

She is a patriot on the homefront, an American Wildflower standing tall.

military wife wildflower inspiration poem

I have had to redefine what it means to be courageous, for military life can bring storms that would challenge even the most steadfast of hearts. I have had to adapt daily, and will continue to adapt daily so that my husband can protect our country and way of life. If there is one thing I know after these years, it is that a warrior’s wife is a woman with strength unlike any other. A military wife rolls with the punches whether she is facing a deployment, a year long separation, or an unaccompanied birth, and she rises to the occasion, even if her heart is broken. She has grit in her bones and resiliency in her spirit. The very blood of our nation runs hot through her veins. Her service to the flag is different than her husbands, yet her courage is the same. She built her life around a man who signed a blank check for our country and stands behind him daily, proud and unwavering to serve our nation. She puts down roots in the most unlikely of places, only to pull them up again to bloom elsewhere. She is a patriot on the Homefront, an American Wildflower standing tall.

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