The Rosie Network

The Rosie Network focuses on connecting military family-owned businesses with consumers.

In a world that is overly consumed with corporate giants sometimes the little guys need help being seen and heard. That is why I was so excited to become a verified member of The Rosie Network and part of the ever-growing Rosie’s List. This search engine verifies and advocates for small military family-owned businesses based in America and connects people and other businesses who want to support our troops by shopping veteran. It is truly a wonderful resource for those of us who actively want to help support the men, women, and spouses of our Armed Forces.

“The Rosie Network’s mission is strengthening military families through entrepreneurial programs and support services, empowering military spouses, transitioning service members and veteran entrepreneurs towards financial stability and self-sufficiency.”

The founders of The Rosie Network (TRN) are firmly rooted in their belief that those who fight to protect the American dream deserve a chance for one of their own. TRN recognizes that the problems facing our military families are greater than just worrying about if/when a spouse will return from deployment. Military spouses must overcome daily challenges with the added weight of knowing their lives could be turned upside down at any moment. That being said, TRN states that over 20% of our transitioning Veterans are choosing entrepreneurship over traditional employment. For many, entrepreneurship offers a new type of challenge/mission that sitting behind a desk does not.

Military spouses are a major concern for The Rosie Network as well; with an unemployment rate of 16% (3x higher than the national average) this demographic is in need of support from those who rely on their sacrifice. Called the “Silent Warriors” these women and men work tirelessly to raise children, run households, and support their spouses despite tiresome and unpredictable schedules.

As a military spouse, I have seen the ways this life can test a family. Raising children, running a household, and being able to spend precious time with our service members is often impossible with a rigid 9 to 5 job schedule. The Patriot Belle gives me the flexible hours that come with owning your own business and makes it possible for me to maintain the resilience and strength necessary to keep my family happy and healthy while still feeding my drive to create and grow as an individual. Being a part of Rosie’s List has given my business the legitimacy and visibility that I had been looking for since the beginning of The Patriot Belle in 2018. I know many of my fellow Belles would benefit from this as well, being that roughly 50% of military spouses are entering the realm of small business ownership as a way to contribute to household income and work flexible hours that can accommodate our unique lifestyle.

The Rosie Network | The Patriot Belle

“When The Rosie Network is successful, our Veterans and Military Families are stronger, retention is higher and the dependency on food stamps, unemployment or other government subsidies is greatly reduced. Bottom line? These are our country’s next generation of Small Business Owners & Social Leaders! With your help, we will continue to invest in the success of our Military Entrepreneurs, because their success is good for their families, our Country and it’s the right thing to do.”

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